Delhi University Begins First Round of Spot Admissions

The Delhi University (DU) has kicked off its spot admission process, opening doors for candidates seeking available seats. As of today, at 5 PM, prospective students can visit the official website to check for vacant spots and apply accordingly. It’s imperative for candidates to consider alternate options if the availability of seats in the Delhi University spot round is limited, to ensure they don’t lose an entire academic year. is where interested candidates can access information about the vacant seats for the Delhi University spot round.

Delhi University UG Admissions: Limited Seats Left

The University of Delhi’s undergraduate admissions process has witnessed considerable progress, with only 5,100 seats remaining unfilled after three rounds of allotment. This emphasizes the competitive nature of admissions, making the spot round an essential opportunity for those who missed earlier rounds.

Steps to Apply for Delhi University Spot Round Admission

  1. Visit the official website:
  2. Look for the announcements section on the homepage
  3. Find the link indicating vacant seats for Delhi University spot round one admissions
  4. Select the link to download the PDF file
  5. Thoroughly review the Delhi University spot round file to identify colleges and courses with available seats

As a precaution, candidates should explore other available options to ensure they secure a spot in a suitable course.

Key Dates for Delhi University Spot Round Admission

As the process unfolds, here are the important dates to keep in mind:

  • Deadline for application: Tomorrow
  • Release of acquired seats for spot round admission: September 1, 5 PM
  • Last date to accept the allocated seat: September 3
  • Fee payment deadline: September 5, 4:49 PM

It’s crucial for applicants to adhere to these dates to secure their positions effectively.

“Completing the fee payment process by the specified deadline is vital. Failure to do so might result in the forfeiture of a confirmed seat.”

CSAS Round 3 and Commencement of Classes

The recent Common Seat Allocation System (CSAS) round 3 witnessed the allocation of seats to approximately 24,178 students. Out of these, 17,284 students confirmed their allocated positions, and subsequently, 12,750 applicants were admitted after the application verification process.

Delhi University has already begun its academic year for the 2023-24 batch on August 16, in adherence to the scheduled timeline. The university boasts a diverse array of undergraduate programs, offering around 70,000 seats to aspiring students.

If you’re eyeing a seat at Delhi University, don’t miss out on the spot admission round’s opportunity to secure your academic journey.

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