Congress Leader Rajani Patil Accuses BJP of Ruling Dictatorially and Eroding Democratic Institutions

Congress leader Rajani Patil made strong accusations against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday, claiming that the party is governing the nation in a dictatorial manner and actively working to undermine the foundations of democratic institutions. Speaking at a Congress workers’ convention in Sopore town, located in the Baramulla district, Patil expressed concerns about the direction in which the country is headed under the current administration.

Allegations of Divisive and Hate Politics

Patil didn’t mince words as she accused the BJP of indulging in divisive and hate-driven politics. She labeled both of these actions as “misadventures” that are not only unacceptable to the Congress but also to all individuals who value the principles of democracy. The Congress leader urged the nation to unite against these concerning trends and embrace change in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

“This is the right time for all Indians to unite and defeat the deceitful and divisive policies of the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. It is ruling the country in a dictatorial way while making every effort to assault and erode the authority of the democratic institutions, which stand guarantee to safeguarding people’s rights,” Patil emphasized.

Commitment to Safeguarding Democratic Institutions

Patil reiterated the Congress party’s commitment to safeguarding the democratic institutions that form the backbone of the nation’s governance. She stressed that the nation is longing for a significant change and that the democratic institutions are a reflection of the nation’s greatness. Patil underlined the paramount importance of preserving these institutions for the well-being of the public.

Recalling Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra

Referencing Rahul Gandhi’s “Bharat Jodo Yatra” conducted the previous year, Patil highlighted its role in spreading a message of love and harmony across the country. However, she claimed that the BJP could not digest this initiative and has embarked on a campaign of malicious propaganda against the Congress, attempting to tarnish its image.

Standing Strong Against BJP’s Actions

The allegations and concerns raised by Rajani Patil are not isolated. Many critics of the BJP have voiced similar worries about the erosion of democratic values and the rise of divisive politics. The upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections are shaping up to be a critical juncture in India’s political landscape, with the choice between the status quo and a change in direction hanging in the balance.

The political atmosphere in the country is undoubtedly charged, with various parties positioning themselves to contest the elections. Patil’s address to Congress workers underlines the urgency of the situation and the Congress party’s determination to address these challenges head-on.


The political discourse in India is currently centered around the allegations made by Congress leader Rajani Patil against the BJP. The accusations of ruling dictatorially and undermining democratic institutions highlight the deep-seated concerns about the direction in which the country is headed.

The upcoming Lok Sabha elections will be a litmus test for the nation’s democratic values and its stance on divisive politics. The choice made by the electorate will shape India’s trajectory for years to come, underscoring the significance of these elections.

As the political landscape evolves and the election campaigns unfold, the nation will be watching closely to see how parties address these critical issues and present their visions for India’s future.

Disclaimer: This article is based on information from a syndicated news agency feed. It has not been edited by Smartkhabrinews staff.

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