Commercial LPG Prices Surge: 19-kg Cylinder Now Costs Rs 1,731.50 in Delhi

Oil marketing companies have announced an increase in the prices of commercial LPG, making it costlier by Rs 209 per 19-kg cylinder. The new retail price for such a cylinder in Delhi is now Rs 1,731.50 after this hike, according to reliable sources.

Effective from October 1

Sources confirm that this price hike will be effective from Sunday, October 1. Previously, a 19-kg commercial LPG cylinder was priced at Rs 1,522.50 in Delhi, but with this recent adjustment, consumers will now pay Rs 209 more for the same quantity of LPG.

Impact on Businesses

This increase in commercial LPG prices may have significant implications for businesses and industries that rely on this fuel source for various operations. It’s essential for businesses to review their budgets and plan accordingly to accommodate this additional expense.

Reasons for the Price Hike

While the specific reasons for the LPG price hike have not been officially disclosed, such increases are typically influenced by factors such as changes in international oil prices, supply and demand dynamics, and government policies related to fuel pricing. Consumers are encouraged to stay updated on any further developments that may affect their expenses.

Seeking Alternatives

Given the rising costs of commercial LPG, businesses may consider exploring alternative energy sources or optimizing their energy usage to mitigate the impact of these price fluctuations. Implementing energy-efficient practices can help reduce overall operational costs.


The recent increase in commercial LPG prices in Delhi by Rs 209 per 19-kg cylinder will undoubtedly affect businesses and consumers alike. Staying informed about energy price trends and adopting cost-effective strategies can help mitigate the financial impact of such fluctuations.

Summary of LPG Price Increase
Description Previous Price (Rs) New Price (Rs) Effective Date
19-kg Commercial LPG Cylinder 1,522.50 1,731.50 October 1

Stay updated with the latest news and developments in energy pricing to make informed decisions for your business and household expenses.

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