Canada will stand behind the United States in a trade conflict involving Mexico’s genetically modified corn, as announced by its trade minister on Friday. The United States recently set up a dispute settlement panel under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). This panel addresses Mexico’s intentions to prohibit the use of biotech corn in tortillas and dough. Mary Ng, the Canadian Trade Minister, expressed that Ottawa intends to join the dispute resolution process initiated by the United States.

Mary Ng highlighted that Canada shares concerns with the United States regarding Mexico’s potential violation of the North American trade pact. She stated, “Canada believes that the measures taken by Mexico are not scientifically supported and have the potential to unnecessarily disrupt trade in the North American market.”

Mexico holds a significant position as a buyer of yellow corn, importing a considerable quantity from the United States. It’s important to note that most of the corn in the United States is genetically modified. In February, Mexico released a decree outlining restrictions on the use of biotech corn. Additionally, the country revealed gradual plans to replace genetically engineered corn in products intended for human consumption and animal feed. Despite negotiations, the issue remains unresolved.

Please be aware that this article has not undergone editing by the Smartkhabrinews staff and is sourced from a syndicated news agency feed – AFP.

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