BPSC School Teacher Answer Key 2023: Challenging the Answers

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) has announced an extension of the deadline for challenging the BPSC School Teacher Answer Key 2023. This development provides candidates with more time to review and raise objections if they find discrepancies in the provided answers. The extension allows candidates to ensure fairness and accuracy in the evaluation process. Below, we outline the steps to challenge the BPSC School Teacher Answer Key and provide important details about the examination.

Overview of BPSC School Teacher Exam 2023

Exam Date Shift
August 24, 2023 First Shift
August 25, 2023 First Shift
August 26, 2023 First and Second Shifts

The BPSC School Teacher Exam aims to recruit teachers for primary, secondary, and higher secondary schools. The examination was conducted over multiple days and shifts to accommodate a large number of candidates.

Steps to Raise Objections to BPSC School Teacher Answer Key

  1. Navigate to the official website of Bihar Public Service Commission: bpsc.bih.nic.in.
  2. On the homepage, locate and click the “BPSC School Teacher 2023 Answer Key” link.
  3. Log in using your credentials, including your user ID and password.
  4. Match the question ID with the answer you want to challenge.
  5. Upload the necessary supporting documents for each challenged question.
  6. Thoroughly review all your challenged answers and click “Submit” to finalize your objections.
  7. If needed, select the “Submit” option for your specific requirements.

“Questions for the relevant subjects on August 24, 2023 (General Studies – First Shift), August 25, 2023 (Language – First Shift), and August 26, 2023 (all subjects – First and Second Shifts) are available in Question Booklet Series A. Additionally, questions for August 24, 2023 (General Studies – Second Shift) and August 25, 2023 (Language – Second Shift) are available in Question Booklet Series E,”

Official Notification

It’s important to note that candidates should compare their provisional answers with the question booklet available on the BPSC official website to estimate their likely scores. Supporting documents must be attached when submitting objections, and objections made through email or speed post will not be accepted, as stated in the official notice.

Scoring Pattern for BPSC Teacher Exam

The scoring system for the BPSC Teacher Exam is straightforward and candidate-friendly:

  • Each correct answer earns the candidate 1 mark.
  • There is no negative marking, so no marks are deducted for incorrect answers.
  • Additionally, no marks are deducted for questions left unanswered.

This scoring pattern ensures that candidates are encouraged to attempt all questions without fear of losing marks for incorrect responses.

By following these steps and understanding the scoring system, candidates can effectively challenge the BPSC School Teacher Answer Key 2023 and ensure the accuracy of their results. The extension of the deadline provides candidates with a fair opportunity to address any concerns they may have regarding the provided answers.

Stay updated with the latest news and notifications on the official BPSC website for any further developments regarding the BPSC School Teacher Exam 2023.

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