CEO Vishal Garg’s Journey to Rebuild Trust and Kindness founder and CEO Vishal Garg is once again making headlines, but this time for a different reason. Garg, who gained notoriety in 2021 for conducting mass layoffs via a Zoom call, has now taken steps to rebuild trust and emphasize kindness within his company.

Acknowledging Past Mistakes

In the aftermath of the controversial layoffs that affected more than 900 employees, Garg admitted that he had mishandled the execution of the process. He expressed regret for the way the layoffs were carried out and the impact they had on his staff. This admission came as a surprise to many, as it marked a significant shift in Garg’s approach to leadership.

“I’ve worked really, really hard to change the way that I show up to the team every day, and to be more empathetic and to treat them with the same level of kindness that I showed our customers,”

Investing in Leadership Training

Garg shared that he underwent extensive leadership training to address his shortcomings and rebuild trust among his employees. This training aimed to equip him with the skills necessary to lead with empathy and compassion. He acknowledged that his previous approach had been heavily focused on the company’s mission and growth, often at the expense of employee well-being.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Garg highlighted the transformation he has undergone:

“So I’ve worked really, really hard to change the way that I show up to the team every day, and to be more empathetic and to treat them with the same level of kindness that I showed our customers.”

Future Outlook and Job Security

Addressing concerns about potential future job cuts, Garg remained cautious about providing definitive answers. He acknowledged that the fate of staffing levels depended on the fluctuations of the mortgage market. Despite this uncertainty, he expressed confidence in the current staffing levels and even mentioned plans to increase headcount in various departments to facilitate growth.

Garg’s measured response reflected a shift in his leadership style, demonstrating a more considerate approach towards the well-being of his employees.

Controversial Layoffs and Viral Video

Earlier, a video of Garg delivering the news of layoffs went viral, adding fuel to the controversy. In the video, he informed employees that approximately 9 percent of the workforce, totaling around 10,000 individuals, would be affected. The impacted employees were primarily from India and the US.

“If you are on this call, you are part of the unlucky group that is being laid off. Your employment here is being terminated effective immediately,”

This video garnered widespread attention on social media platforms, leading to an increase in Google searches related to Vishal Garg and his online mortgage company.


Vishal Garg’s efforts to rebuild trust and kindness within reflect a significant evolution in his leadership philosophy. Acknowledging past mistakes and investing in leadership training demonstrate a commitment to fostering a healthier and more empathetic work environment. While the controversy of the 2021 layoffs lingers, Garg’s actions are indicative of a CEO striving for positive change and growth in both his company and personal leadership approach.

As navigates its future, the CEO’s journey to redemption stands as a testament to the importance of acknowledging missteps and prioritizing the well-being of employees.

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