• Remembering the Divine Union: Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Wedding Anniversary
  • Celebrating the Eternal Bond of Guru Nanak and Mata Sulakhni Ji

Guru Nanak Wedding Anniversary 2023 Date: Honoring a Sacred Occasion

  • Mark Your Calendars: Guru Nanak Wedding Anniversary on September 22nd, 2023
  • The Significance of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Marriage and the Celebration of Their Union
  • Joining the Sikh Community in Commemorating Guru Nanak and Mata Sulakhni Ji’s Sacred Bond

Remembering Guru Nanak’s Life Partner: Mata Sulakhni Ji

  • Mata Sulakhni Ji: A Pillar of Strength and Devotion in Guru Nanak’s Journey
  • Understanding the Role of Mata Sulakhni Ji in Supporting Guru Nanak’s Spiritual Mission
  • Reflecting on the Teachings of Equality and Respect in Guru Nanak and Mata Sulakhni Ji’s Relationship

Commemorating the Union: Celebrating Guru Nanak Wedding Anniversary

  • Special Prayers and Programs Organized on Guru Nanak Wedding Anniversary
  • Paying Tribute to the Love and Harmony Reflected in Guru Nanak and Mata Sulakhni Ji’s Marriage
  • Drawing Inspiration from Their Divine Union in Our Own Lives

Divine Love and Partnership: The Legacy of Guru Nanak and Mata Sulakhni Ji

  • Embracing the Values of Love, Respect, and Equality in Relationships
  • Upholding the Teachings of Guru Nanak and Mata Sulakhni Ji in the Modern World
  • Strengthening Marital Bonds through Spiritual Guidance and Shared Values


  • Save the Date: Guru Nanak Wedding Anniversary 2023 – September 22nd
  • Commemorating the Sacred Union of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Mata Sulakhni Ji
  • Reflecting on Their Love, Harmony, and Spiritual Partnership

Note: The article section above specifically addresses the wedding anniversary date of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, which is September 22nd, 2023. It highlights the significance of their sacred union and emphasizes the celebration of their bond.

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