In a new development, the Andhra Pradesh CID has sought a fresh warrant against former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. This move comes after filing a new FIR related to the Rs 330 crore Fibernet project scam case. Officials made this announcement on Tuesday, adding to the legal troubles facing Naidu.

The crux of the allegation revolves around Naidu’s alleged favoritism towards a private company during the project, which is said to have violated tender rules.

Fibernet Project Execution

The CID has asserted before an Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) court that Naidu personally recommended the Energy IandI Department to execute the Fibernet project, rather than the Information Technology Department, as per the established rules. This recommendation has raised suspicions and questions regarding the former chief minister’s motivations.

Controversial Appointment

Another point of contention raised by the agency is Naidu’s appointment of Vemuri Harikrishna Prasad as a member of the Governing Council-Governance Authority. The CID alleges that this appointment was made despite Prasad’s criminal background. This raises concerns about the due diligence and decision-making processes surrounding key appointments.

Project Approval Without Market Survey

Furthermore, the CID has claimed that Naidu approved the estimates of the project without conducting a market survey for the items or standards to be followed. This lack of a market survey could potentially lead to inefficiencies, misallocation of resources, and questions about the transparency of the decision-making process.

Meanwhile, on a related note, the Andhra Pradesh High Court is yet to deliver its verdict on a petition filed by Naidu. In the petition, he seeks the quashing of an FIR filed against him by the police in the Skill Development Corporation scam case.

Skill Development Corporation Scam

Naidu’s legal troubles do not end with the Fibernet project scam. He was arrested on September 9 in connection with the Skill Development Corporation scam case. This case alleges the misappropriation of funds from the Skill Development Corporation, leading to a substantial loss of over Rs 300 crore to the state government.

As of now, Naidu is in custody and is being held at the Rajamahendravaram Central Prison.

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