Woman Mistakenly Cremated Found Alive in Patna

A woman, who was allegedly cremated a month after she went missing, was found alive as she video called her father in Bihar’s Patna.

The woman, identified as Anshu Kumar, had gone missing nearly a month back and her family had launched extensive searches to find her, according to Times of India. Last week, the police recovered the body of a girl from a local canal, and Anshu’s family identified it as hers based on the clothes she was wearing, as her face was beyond recognition.

However, as the news of her death spread, Anshu called her father to tell him that she was alive and had eloped to get married.

Anshu had run away with her boyfriend and got married to him. She was currently staying with her in-laws in the same district, Akbarpur SHO Suraj Prasad told TOI.

The police are now investigating the case as a potential honor killing. Further investigations have found out the identity of the woman who was cremated. The police also stated that the parents of the deceased woman were currently absconding.


A woman, who was mistakenly identified and cremated, has been found alive in Bihar’s Patna. She had eloped with her boyfriend and gotten married. The police are investigating the case as a potential honor killing.

Date Location Victim Investigation Status
Month Ago Bihar’s Patna Anshu Kumar Missing
Last Week Bihar’s Patna Unknown Girl Mistaken Identity
Present Bihar’s Patna Anshu Kumar Alive, Elopement

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