Woman in Gurugram Strikes Again: Dupes Beauty Parlour of Rs 20,000

The woman from Gurugram, who recently made headlines for repeatedly hiring cab services for long hours and leaving them unpaid, is in the news again. This time it is because she duped a salon of Rs 20,000.

Previous Encounter with Cab Driver

The woman was exposed last month by a journalist when she was found arguing with a cab driver near the Huda City Centre. She was allegedly threatening him with registering a ‘fake’ case of molestation.

“GURUGRAM : Jyoti Dalal does it again.”

Now, in a recent incident, Jyoti Dalal made a beauty parlour her target by taking their services and then duping them of their money. It happened at the ‘Grace and Glamour’ parlour. Journalist Deepika Bharadwaj shared a video of the incident. In the video, the woman was seen delaying the payment process at the beauty parlour. Later, she walked out without paying a single rupee for services worth Rs. 20,000.

Details of the Incident

According to reports, she visited the salon during the afternoon hours and then took services until night. After being there from 1 pm to 10 pm, she initially delayed payment by saying that she would do it by 11 in the night. When the staff at the parlour reached out to the police for help, she claimed to be a girlfriend of an unidentified high profile man in Gurugram. As of now, the Gurugram police have shared no information about the entire matter.

Video of the Incident

Watch the video of the incident where the woman dupes the beauty parlour:

Previous Altercation with Cab Driver

Earlier, Jyoti was spotted arguing with police officials after refusing to pay her cab driver. A video of the incident recorded at the Huda City Centre went viral on social media. The woman has been allegedly accused of not paying a bill of Rs 2000 after roaming in a cab for more than 12 hours.

The woman in question can be seen raising her voice at a police officer. The heated discussion only worsens when the woman points her fingers at the officers, continuing the argument in a disrespectful tone. Standing behind is a cab driver in a distressed state who alleges the female customer has refused to pay her due.


This incident sheds light on the increasing number of cases involving individuals who attempt to deceive service providers. It underscores the need for businesses to remain vigilant and implement strategies to prevent such fraudulent activities.

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