Breaking Barriers: Scholarships for Indian Students

Studying abroad can be a formidable challenge for many meritorious Indian students, who often find themselves deterred by the high costs of courses, visa fees, accommodation, and living expenses. Scholarships, however, act as a beacon of hope, enabling talented individuals to pursue their dreams on foreign shores. Smartkhabrinews presents its ‘Scholarship Guide,’ showcasing some of the best and most prestigious grants available to Indian students looking to study abroad. These scholarships not only cover flight tickets, accommodation, and course fees but also provide stipends in some cases.

The Journey of Luv Jawahrani: A Dreamer’s Triumph

“It was a different choice than my peers, but one of my cousins had gone for an exchange programme. Inspired by that, I too wanted to pursue it.” – Luv Jawahrani

Meet Luv Jawahrani, a 20-year-old from the small city of Jalgaon in Maharashtra, India, who is now set to live his dream of studying in the United States at the prestigious Stanford University. What makes his journey remarkable is that he achieved this with a scholarship worth $82,000, covering a substantial portion of the university’s total fee of $92,000.

Luv’s path to Stanford was not without obstacles. After completing Class 10, he faced financial constraints that forced him to take a gap year. During this year, he gained clarity about his aspirations and joined a CBSE-affiliated school. This new environment gave him the time and space to explore his interests and choose his path.

Reflecting on his experience during a student exchange program in the United States, Luv said, “During my stay, I found that there is still hostility in the US against people of color. I also met a nine-year-old refugee there. She was from Syria, and I was inspired and shocked to learn about her experiences. All this inspired me to take up international relations and politics as my further studies.”

Starting from September, Luv will be pursuing a diverse range of subjects at Stanford, including foreign policy, modern history, war and peace, democracy development, and the rule of law.

The Scholarship Journey: Beyond Grades

“Essays and extra-curricular activities are two areas where you can make yourself standout.” – Luv Jawahrani

While Luv’s academic performance was certainly commendable, he attributes his scholarship success to his holistic portfolio and his ability to go beyond textbooks. He actively engaged in extracurricular activities, such as participating in Model United Nations (MUNs) and excelling as an inline hockey skater. These experiences enriched his profile and gave him a unique edge.

Luv’s love for history also played a pivotal role. He delved into books beyond his required reading, honing his writing skills. At foreign universities like Stanford, essays are a crucial part of the admission process. Luv emphasizes that essays and extracurricular activities are where students can truly stand out.

Luv’s journey towards the Stanford scholarship began when he became part of the Crimson Access Opportunity Scholarship program. He discovered this opportunity on social media and successfully secured a place. The program provided valuable assistance from graduates who helped him craft a compelling narrative, select suitable schools, prepare for SATs, and identify competitions and activities to enhance his profile.

Raising Awareness: Encouraging Indian Students

“There is a limitation in perceptions. What is the worst that can happen? That you don’t get through. But look at the best-case scenario. It offers a never-before opportunity.” – Luv Jawahrani

Luv Jawahrani observes that, despite possessing the necessary skills and qualifications, many Indian students do not consider applying to Ivy League colleges or prestigious universities abroad. He points out that in his CBSE-affiliated school, only two out of forty STEM students applied to international schools. In his state board school, he was the sole student to apply for an exchange program abroad.

The challenge lies not with the students but with a lack of awareness. Luv advocates for early counseling sessions about education and scholarship programs, particularly in smaller towns and at the school level. He firmly believes that raising awareness can unlock doors to incredible opportunities for students.

As more success stories like Luv Jawahrani’s emerge, the narrative around studying abroad is changing for Indian students. Scholarships are transforming dreams into reality, making education accessible to those who dare to dream.


Scholarships are a powerful tool for Indian students aspiring to study abroad. They break down financial barriers and enable talented individuals like Luv Jawahrani to pursue their dreams at prestigious institutions. Luv’s journey serves as an inspiration, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach to education and the need for greater awareness about international opportunities.

If you are an Indian student with big dreams, remember that scholarships can turn those dreams into reality. It’s not just about grades; it’s about passion, dedication, and seizing every opportunity that comes your way.

Scholarship Opportunities for Indian Students
Scholarship Name Coverage Application Deadline Website
Fulbright Scholarship Full tuition, stipend, and travel expenses Varies Visit Website
Stanford University Scholarships Various scholarships available Varies Visit Website
Rhodes Scholarship Full tuition, stipend, and other benefits Varies Visit Website
Gates Cambridge Scholarship Full tuition, stipend, and airfare Varies Visit Website

Explore these scholarship opportunities and take the first step towards your dream education abroad. Remember, scholarships can turn your aspirations into achievements.

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