UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak: No Tolerance for Extremism

In a significant statement, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has acknowledged India’s concerns regarding the escalating activities of pro-Khalistani elements within the United Kingdom. During an interview with PTI, Sunak firmly asserted that no form of extremism would be tolerated on British soil. He emphasized that the right to engage in lawful protests does not extend to acts of violence or threats.

“No form of extremism is acceptable in the UK, and I take the duty of the government to disrupt and counter violent, divisive ideologies, whatever they may be, very seriously,”

Sunak went on to underline the UK government’s commitment to actively disrupt and counteract violent and divisive ideologies, working closely with its partners in the Indian government.

Collaborative Efforts to Tackle Pro-Khalistan Extremism

The British Prime Minister emphasized the collaborative efforts between the UK and India to address the threat posed by pro-Khalistan extremism. He assured that the British police are fully empowered to respond to violent acts associated with these extremist elements.

Prime Minister Sunak’s comments come just days before his planned visit to India to participate in the G20 summit scheduled for September 9-10.

Key Meeting Between Jaishankar and UK’s Security Minister

Sunak highlighted a crucial meeting that took place last month between India’s External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, and the UK’s Security Minister, Tom Tugendhat. During this meeting, important steps were taken to address the threats of extremism and corruption.

“In August, the UK’s Security Minister met Minister Jaishankar in New Delhi to develop our shared work addressing the threat of extremism and corruption,” Sunak said.

He further announced a significant financial commitment aimed at strengthening the UK’s capacity to counter pro-Khalistan extremism. An investment of Rs 1 crore was allocated to enhance understanding of the threat posed by these extremist elements, supplementing the ongoing collaborative efforts between the UK and India.

Clear Stance on Lawful Protests

Prime Minister Sunak reiterated that while UK citizens have the right to assemble lawfully and express their viewpoints through protests, these rights do not extend to acts of violence or threats.

“UK citizens enjoy the right to gather lawfully and demonstrate a point of view, but rights to lawful protest do not extend to violent or threatening behavior,”

UK High Commissioner Addresses Khalistani Extremism

The British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis, also addressed the issue of Khalistani extremism during a recent appearance at CNN-Smartkhabrinews’s G20 Town Hall. He strongly opposed extremist attacks on the Indian embassy and emphasized that Khalistani extremism was not solely India’s problem but also a concern for the United Kingdom.

“Protests are legal but extremism in any form in the UK is a problem for us, including the Khalistani extremism. It is not an Indian problem but a UK problem. We don’t believe it is okay to attack embassies,” Ellis stated.

India had expressed its outrage earlier this year after a brazen attack by pro-Khalistani elements on the Indian High Commission in London in March 2023. The attackers had forcibly removed the Indian national flag from a pole at the front of the building.


British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s unequivocal stance against extremism and his commitment to countering pro-Khalistani elements in the UK reflect the seriousness with which the UK government views this issue. The collaborative efforts between the UK and India in addressing this threat demonstrate a shared commitment to maintaining peace and security.

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