Travel Influencer Tanya Khanijow’s Luggage Nightmare with Lufthansa

Indian travel influencer Tanya Khanijow recently faced a travel nightmare when she took to social media to vent her frustration with Lufthansa airline. Her journey to Venice turned into a stressful ordeal due to the airline’s mishandling of her luggage, leading to unforeseen expenses and a significant strain on her budget.

The Ordeal Unfolds

In a now-viral post, Khanijow detailed her unfortunate experience with Lufthansa. She revealed that her luggage delay had forced her to extend her stay in Venice, a city known for its high living costs. Khanijow explained, “I stayed for two nights in a decent ‘budget’ place which cost €182 (or ₹15,000) per night. Last night I decided to save a bit, and stayed in another ‘budget’ place with a shared toilet. This cost me €117 (or close to ₹10,000).”

Initially, Lufthansa had informed Khanijow that her bag was in Helsinki but had failed to load it onto her initial flight. Despite receiving assurances, her luggage never arrived, leaving her in a precarious situation.

“Dude, I’ve been extending my stay in Venice while I’m awaiting my baggage that was delayed by @lufthansa. It is extremely expensive to stay in Venice, mind you. I stayed for two nights in a decent ‘budget’ place which cost €182 (or ₹15,000) PER night. Last night I decided…”

— Tanya Khanijow (@TanyaKhanijow) September 6, 2023

Desperate Pleas for Help

In response to Khanijow’s distressing situation, many of her followers advised her to contact the airline for compensation. They expressed outrage over the apparent mishandling of her luggage and even suggested reaching out to the Indian embassy for assistance.

Personal Attachment to the Lost Luggage

Despite the practical inconvenience, Khanijow shared a deeper emotional attachment to her missing luggage. In a prior tweet, she expressed, “The only things I care about in the suitcase are, of course, the cameras, the hiking gear, and the jackets. Well, because they are expensive at the end of the day.” She added, “But also, I think I’ve come to attach my life to a suitcase lately. It’s the only material companion that feels like home? All the stuff in my suitcase were the only things I got with me to Helsinki from India. And the idea that it may be lost is saddening.”

“A dream trip to Italy with a little bit of a blip! Well, my luggage on the way as I flew into Italy was delayed. And it has been 5 days already. I know it’s not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of events. But it just feels too painful to me 😥 Why? I think I’m not…”

— Tanya Khanijow (@TanyaKhanijow) September 5, 2023

Lufthansa’s Silence

Despite Khanijow’s public pleas and social media posts detailing her predicament, Lufthansa has remained silent, providing no response or assistance, leaving the situation unresolved.

This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges travelers may face when their luggage goes missing or is mishandled by airlines. It also underscores the importance of airlines taking prompt action to address such issues and provide necessary support to affected passengers.

Travelers like Tanya Khanijow, who rely on their luggage for both practical and sentimental reasons, can find themselves in distressing situations when airlines fail to deliver on their promises.


Tanya Khanijow’s unfortunate experience with Lufthansa has shed light on the need for airlines to prioritize the handling of passengers’ luggage. Her story serves as a cautionary tale for travelers and a call to action for airlines to improve their customer service and responsiveness in such situations.

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