Toyota Launches All-New Rumion MPV in India

Toyota India has unveiled the latest addition to its lineup, the all-new Rumion MPV. Priced between Rs 10.29 lakh and Rs 13.68 lakh (ex-showroom), this stylish and feature-packed MPV is set to capture the hearts of Indian customers. The vehicle comes in six variants: S MT, AT, G MT, V MT, V AT, and S MT CNG. Excitingly, it’s worth noting that the Toyota Rumion MPV is essentially a rebranded version of the well-loved Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.

Toyota Rumion Price in India

If you’re wondering about the price points of this enticing new offering, here’s a breakdown of the different variants and their respective prices in Indian Rupees:

Grade Name Price in Indian Rupees
S MT (Petrol) 10,29,000
S AT (Petrol) 11,89,000
G MT (Petrol) 11,45,000
V MT (Petrol) 12,18,000
V AT (Petrol) 13,68,000
S MT (CNG) 11,24,000

These prices reflect the diverse options available, catering to different preferences and needs among potential buyers.

“We feel deeply humbled and honoured by the overwhelming response in terms of customer enquiries that the All New Toyota Rumion has received,” said Mr. Atul Sood, Vice President – Sales and Strategic Marketing, TKM. “We are delighted to announce the commencement of bookings and the prices for the much-awaited All New Toyota Rumion that starts from Rs. 10,29,000. Delivery of the vehicles for the customer who book the All New Toyota Rumion will commence from 8th of September 2023.”

Toyota Rumion Engine Specs

Under the hood, the Toyota Rumion MPV is equipped with a reliable and efficient 1.5L K-Series petrol engine, featuring both Neo Drive (ISG) technology and E-CNG technology. This powertrain not only offers a smooth driving experience but also impresses with its fuel efficiency. The petrol variants of the MPV achieve a mileage of 20.51 kmpl, while the sole CNG variant boasts an impressive fuel efficiency of 26.11 km/kg. Furthermore, customers have the choice between a 5-speed manual transmission and a 6-speed automatic unit, ensuring a driving experience tailored to their preferences.

Toyota Rumion Features

The Toyota Rumion MPV is loaded with an array of features designed to elevate the driving and passenger experience. At the center of attention is the 7-inch Smartplay Cast touchscreen audio system, which supports wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. Additionally, the MPV comes equipped with Toyota i-Connect, offering a range of remote control features such as climate control adjustments, locking/unlocking, and hazard light control.

When it comes to safety, the Rumion MPV doesn’t disappoint. It comes equipped with a comprehensive safety package, including features such as 4-airbags, ABS with EBD, an engine immobilizer, and the Electronic Stability Program (ESP). This commitment to safety ensures that drivers and passengers alike can enjoy peace of mind while on the road.

Toyota Rumion Design

The exterior design of the Toyota Rumion MPV is a blend of style and functionality. The signature Toyota MPV grille takes center stage, exuding an air of sophistication, complemented by a chrome-finished bumper. The MPV rides on striking machined dual-tone alloy wheels, which not only enhance its visual appeal but also contribute to its overall performance.

At the rear, the MPV is adorned with LED tail lamps that are accompanied by a tasteful back door chrome garnish. Inside the cabin, attention to detail is evident. The premium dual-tone theme creates an inviting atmosphere, further enhanced by the wooden finish on the dashboard and door trims. These thoughtful design elements make the interior a comfortable and enjoyable space for both drivers and passengers.

In conclusion, the launch of the all-new Toyota Rumion MPV brings a fresh option to Indian car buyers in the competitive MPV segment. With its attractive pricing, impressive features, and trusted Toyota engineering, the Rumion MPV is poised to make its mark on Indian roads. Customers can look forward to the first deliveries starting from September 8, 2023, and experiencing firsthand the blend of style, performance, and comfort that the Rumion MPV offers.

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