With the much-anticipated India vs. Pakistan clash scheduled for 3:00 p.m. today, the focus of Desi cricket fans is squarely on the Men in Blue, as they brace themselves for a potentially epic showdown against their arch-rivals. As is customary when Virat Kohli is part of the squad, all eyes naturally gravitate towards him, with fans anticipating an extraordinary performance from this aggressive batsman. This anticipation stems from his brilliant masterclass (82 not out) during the last Indo-Pak encounter, which occurred during the early stages of the 2022 T20 World Cup in Australia. On that occasion, the former captain took charge, guiding his team to a memorable four-wicket victory in a nail-biting last-ball thriller.

Table of Contents
  1. Is Virat Kohli the Coolest Athlete for Edits?
  2. Social Media Reactions
  3. Debate on Cricket Edits
  4. Internet on Fire
  5. Highly Anticipated Match

With so much buzz and lofty expectations surrounding Kohli, one user went so far as to label him as one of the coolest athletes in any sport, who makes even fan-made video edits look flawless and unparalleled. Also Read: Cricket Fans Have Lost Their Cool As They Await India-Pakistan Asia Cup Match

“I don’t think there’s ever been a colder athlete than Virat Kohli for edits. Any sport,” declared the user with the username @RogueRook81. After this comment, social media exploded with reactions, with users expressing both agreement and disagreement.

Social Media Reactions

Not only did the comment section buzz with activity but there were also reposts as people passionately debated the best cricket edit ever. Among those who supported the comment, one user remarked, “Where is the lie though? The look in his eyes alone shivers down my spine. He has the best cold aesthetics.” Another user quoted, “‘Every head must bow. Every tongue must confess. He is the greatest of all time,'” while sharing one of Kohli’s edits.

On the contrary, those who disagreed had their say as well. One user simply challenged, “Say again,” while sharing a video edit of none other than MS Dhoni. Some even threw into the mix video edits featuring Pakistan’s former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar and Pakistan’s former Prime Minister, who was once a cricketer himself, Imran Khan.

Debate on Cricket Edits

Doubt. pic.twitter.com/DG3e3qxK3L

Doubt. pic.twitter.com/cD80GTjBFu

Doubt. pic.twitter.com/iTEA8clkjA

Internet on Fire

While the back-and-forth exchanges and reposts were relentless, it showed how a single comment can set the internet on fire. Also Read: Virat Kohli’s Old ‘No Firecrackers’ on Diwali Video Goes Viral After He Flies Chartered Plane

Highly Anticipated Match

With such a highly anticipated match on the horizon, one can only imagine the frenzy that will ensue!

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