Google, Amazon, and Microsoft: Engineer Salary Comparison

All major tech brands, including Google, Apple, Meta (formerly known as Facebook), and Microsoft, are known for their competitive compensation packages for engineers. A recent report has shed light on the salary trends among these giants, revealing intriguing insights into how they reward their technical talent.

Higher Pay for Software Engineers

Recent news about a Google software engineer’s astounding claim of earning $150,000 annually while working just one hour a day went viral. While this might sound like an outlier, the report confirms that both Google and Meta often offer higher compensation to their software engineers compared to other major tech companies. Blind, an anonymous website for tech employees, compiled data revealing this trend.

On the other hand, Apple and Microsoft tend to be more conservative in their compensation for new engineers, according to the report. However, as one climbs the corporate ladder, the salary gap among these tech giants narrows significantly.

“The information provided by Blind is from individuals who voluntarily shared their salary details between January of the preceding year and August 2023.”

Blind’s data collection process involves participants confirming their workplace through their official work email. This method ensures the authenticity of the provided information and adds credibility to the reported findings.

Amazon’s Unique Salary Landscape

The report also delves into Amazon’s compensation strategy, revealing a distinctive approach. While Amazon engineers might need more time to progress within the company, the organization offers a wide spectrum of salaries for engineers. This results in significant variability in total pay among individuals within similar roles.

Apple’s Dependable Compensation Structure

Apple, known for its iconic iPhone, might not offer the highest overall pay among tech companies. However, the report highlights the dependability and equity of Apple’s job levels and salary ranges. This consistency ensures that employees are fairly compensated and can rely on a stable income trajectory.

Google’s Even Pay Ranges

Google stands out for maintaining one of the most balanced pay structures in the tech industry. This means that employees at lower job levels are unlikely to earn more than their higher-level counterparts. The even distribution of pay ranges demonstrates Google’s commitment to maintaining fairness and equity in compensation.

Meta’s Swift Promotions and High Pay

Meta, the parent company of popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has gained a reputation for providing rapid career advancement to its engineers. The report indicates that engineers at Meta often receive swift promotions and enjoy some of the highest salaries in the industry.

Microsoft’s Flexible Promotions

Microsoft adopts a flexible approach to promotions by offering various job levels for software engineers. This flexibility allows the company to provide more frequent promotions, catering to individual career growth. However, the report notes that Microsoft’s overall pay for engineers is generally lower compared to other major tech players.


In the realm of technology, competition extends beyond products and services; it also encompasses talent acquisition and retention. While each of these tech giants has its unique approach to compensating engineers, the report highlights common trends such as higher pay for software engineers at Google and Meta, dependable compensation structures at Apple, and flexible promotions at Microsoft.

The data collected by Blind sheds light on the evolving landscape of tech salaries, offering valuable insights for both aspiring engineers and industry observers alike.

For more information and a detailed breakdown of the salary data, refer to the full report on Blind’s website.

Disclaimer: The salary information presented in this article is based on data collected up to August 2023 and is subject to change. Individual compensation may vary.

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