Shocking Encounter: Indian Man Shares Scam Attempt at Louvre Museum

An Indian man recently visited the renowned Louvre Museum in Paris and shared a disconcerting incident that has since gone viral. The incident sheds light on a possible scam that reportedly targets Indians when visiting foreign countries. The individual took to Reddit to recount the incident, leaving many readers stunned.

The Unsettling Incident

The anonymous user, posting on the Reddit sub ‘r/India’, detailed his experience. After a tiresome exploration of the Louvre Museum, including the iconic Mona Lisa painting, the man and his family were resting near the exit area when an Indian uncle approached him.

“Bete, if you are done with the tour, can you please hand over the tickets to me? It is a waste thing for you anyways as you are exiting,”

The individual tactfully declined the uncle’s request, citing concerns about potential trouble and the presence of CCTV cameras throughout the museum. He responded, “Sorry uncle, I don’t want to land in any trouble. Plus there are CCTVs everywhere so you must yourself be warned.”

Online Response

The Reddit post quickly gained traction, drawing a multitude of responses from users who shared their own perspectives and experiences. One user cautioned against such encounters:

“They might look like your typical unkill. But no. They’re scammers who try to sell these tickets to other unsuspecting tourists saying that it’s still valid and when they can’t enter they create a ruckus and refuse to give them their money back.”

This deceptive practice is not limited to the Louvre Museum; a user recounted a similar incident in Berlin. The user also shared a personal encounter:

“I was approached by an Indian/Pakistani guy who was trying to sell me cheap tickets and while going out, we saw the same guy asking others for their paper tickets. One of our group members said he has an e-ticket so he left him alone.”

Another user shared insights from their experience in Paris:

“When I visited Paris, I was surprised to see so many Indians selling water/beer/souvenir/etc near tourist spots. These were young Indians who probably migrated recently because they weren’t able to speak French fluently. When they would see police nearby, they would move out quickly. Assuming that it was illegal to sell and/or they were illegal migrants.”

These accounts highlight a broader issue of scams targeting tourists, particularly those of Indian origin, in popular tourist destinations.

Stay Informed and Cautious

While exploring foreign destinations, it’s essential to remain vigilant and informed about potential scams. Being cautious when interacting with strangers and avoiding transactions that seem suspicious can help protect tourists from falling victim to such fraudulent activities. Additionally, staying updated with the latest information and experiences shared by fellow travelers online can provide valuable insights and guidance.

Have you encountered a similar situation during your travels? Share your experiences and tips to help others stay safe and informed.

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