Samsung Launches New Galaxy Z Foldables in India

Samsung has launched the new Galaxy Z foldable devices in India, providing consumers with more options in the growing market. The company’s fifth-gen foldables are set to compete and welcome other brands into the segment, giving consumers a wider range of choices.

Increasing Demand

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 have received 1.5 lakh pre-orders in India, indicating the strong demand for these premium devices. Aditya Babbar, Senior Director of Mobile Business at Samsung India, attributes this high number to attractive offers and upgrade schemes, such as Samsung Finance+ which allows customers to purchase these devices without spending a large sum of money. Notably, 50% of buyers using the finance option are new to the credit system.

Expanding Availability

Samsung has recognized that the demand for foldables is not limited to top tier cities. This year, the availability of these devices in tier II and III cities has been increased by 50%. Babbar explains that the growth in these regions, particularly in comparison to urban areas, is a key factor behind this decision. Additionally, Babbar mentions that the majority of people purchasing the Galaxy Z Flip are young and first-time Samsung users who are fascinated by the unique form factor.

Focus on After-Sales Service

Samsung ensures a strong commitment to after-sales service for its foldable devices. Customers who encounter issues can make appointments to visit service centers at their preferred time. Home pick-up services, reservation options, and standby phones are also available for flagship and foldable devices. Furthermore, Samsung offers a free screen replacement for the foldable if any bubbles appear on the screen, recognizing that users may need time to adjust to new technology.

Future Direction

When asked about Samsung’s plans for the future, Babbar emphasizes the company’s focus on consumer needs. Samsung aims to learn from its customers and work towards meeting their expectations, rather than following the strategies of competitors in the market.

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