Rohit Sharma’s Batting Approach: Aiming for Balance and Aggression

Team India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, stands out as the sole batter in the cricketing world with an impressive trio of three double-centuries in One Day Internationals (ODIs). However, a notable fact is that his last 150-plus score dates back to 2019. Stepping into the spotlight ahead of the 2023 Asia Cup, fondly known as the ‘Hitman’, Rohit Sharma, has unveiled a shift in his batting strategy, explaining the rationale behind his recent tally of three ODI centuries in the span of four years.

Seeking a More Aggressive Approach

Heading into the upcoming Asia Cup 2023, where he will lead the Men in Blue, as well as the ODI World Cup 2023, Rohit Sharma expressed his intention to recapture the remarkable phase he experienced before the 2019 World Cup. During that period, Rohit’s extraordinary performance led him to emerge as the leading run-scorer of the tournament, with an impressive collection of five centuries.

Back in 2019, Rohit had remarkably amassed a total of 27 ODI centuries, firmly establishing his dominance. However, his batting dynamics underwent a transformation post-2019, as he adopted a more high-risk, high-reward style of play.

“My career strike-rate is around 90 (89.97), but in the past couple of years, if you look at my scores and take the strike-rate into consideration, it has been around 105-110. So somewhere you had to compromise. It is not possible to have a 55 average and a 110 strike-rate,”

– Rohit Sharma

Rohit candidly admitted that his average suffered as he pursued a faster scoring tempo. Embracing a new batting philosophy, he acknowledged his personal desire to experiment with a more aggressive approach. He stated, “My usual batting is still my patent, but I wanted to try something else. I am very happy with the result.” The Indian skipper emphasized that he communicated this shift in approach to the team management.

Embracing New Challenges and Skills

Despite his yearning to consistently achieve high scores, Rohit Sharma expressed his interest in cultivating additional skills and diversifying his capabilities. While the desire to notch up 150s and 170s remains strong, he highlighted the significance of venturing into uncharted territory to enrich his batting repertoire.

“Everyone wants to bat long and score those 150s and 170s. I still want to do that, but it is always nice to do something that you have not done. It only adds up in your list of batting abilities. Unless you do it, you won’t know it,”

– Rohit Sharma

The anticipation of expanding his skill set drives Rohit to embrace novel challenges, acknowledging that embracing the unknown contributes to his growth as a cricketer.


As Rohit Sharma gears up to lead Team India in the Asia Cup and the ODI World Cup in 2023, his strategic shift towards a more aggressive batting approach is a testament to his dedication to both personal growth and the team’s success. While he aims to strike a balance between risk and reward, his willingness to explore uncharted territories underscores his evolution as a dynamic and adaptable cricketer.

With Rohit Sharma’s charismatic leadership and evolving approach, cricket enthusiasts around the world eagerly anticipate witnessing his performance in the upcoming tournaments, hopeful for a display of his exceptional talent and adaptability.

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