Securing a decent and stable job nowadays isn’t that difficult, since all you need is the right qualifications and skills. One such popular hub among students for well-paying jobs is the e-commerce and technology-based company Amazon, where people can benefit from its satisfying packages and detailed job listings.

The Amazon Job Landscape

With online shopping taking a front seat in today’s day and age, there is hardly anyone who wouldn’t have heard Amazon’s name. People all over the world buy different products from Amazon. From customer service to data analysis, there are hundreds of positions available here. Let’s look at the qualifications required to work at the American multinational technology company that focuses on cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence among other things.


Amazon’s global corporation has many offices around the world and uploads hundreds of job openings every day. Here, most job opportunities are in data structures, algorithms and computer science fundamentals fields, and tech-based roles. To be able to qualify for jobs in these fields, candidates should have a Bachelor in Engineering (BE), Bachelor of Technology (BTech), Master of Computer Application (MCA), and Master of Technology (MTech) in computer applications, a Bachelor or Master’s degree in IT. For the same, recruitments are made in departments such as Human Resources, Economics department, Design sector, Data Science department, Legal team, Customer service department, Content and editorial department, Amazon’s special administrative department, and Supply chain department, among others.

Not just this, Amazon has something for everyone. If you do not have the skills mentioned above and are a simple graduate, you can also get jobs as a courier associate and warehouse worker with an e-commerce company. For both these positions, candidates must be over 21 and a minimum of 18 years of age. On the other hand, to get a job in the big package department at Amazon, you must have varied technical skills.


The requirements for a job at Amazon depend on the post for which the person is applying. There have been instances where the company hired Indian students with huge packages. One such example is Palak Mittal, a BTech student from IIIT Allahabad, who was offered a package of Rs 1 crore from Amazon. In addition, Abhishek Kumar from Patna, who studied computer science at NIT Patna, received a package of Rs 1 crore and 80 lakh from Amazon.

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