Pakistan’s Hilarious Attempt to Land on the Moon Goes Viral

Chandrayaan-3 created history when it successfully landed on the southern pole of the Moon on August 23. The world couldn’t help but notice Pakistan’s reaction to this monumental event, which quickly became a trending topic on social media. From Pakistanis playfully claiming that they already felt like they were living on the moon to their news channels scolding their fellow countrymen for sweating the small stuff instead of thinking big, the internet was buzzing with humor and excitement.

But the real gem was yet to come when Pakistan made its own comical attempt to land on the moon, and trust us, you’re in for a treat! In a TikTok video that emerged on ‘X,’ formerly known as Twitter, three individuals appeared to be operating from a makeshift lab as they monitored a man they had purportedly sent to the Moon.

Right from the start, the video was filled with laughter, as the man sent off with a rocket comically dropped it during take-off. One of the individuals operating in the lab reassured him, saying, “No problem, you have the power to reach there.” The subsequent VFX editing showed the man soaring out of Earth. This prompted the laptop-wielding crew to start speculating about whether he would actually make it, to which the main operator confidently responded, “That won’t happen.” Another man chimed in, “And India thought we could never reach the Moon.”

The hilarity didn’t end there. Throughout the video, the man kept trying to communicate with the man en route to the Moon, named Naseem, through an invisible connection, repeatedly asking about his progress. With VFX scenes shifting back and forth from Earth to an encounter with a satellite (which they humorously claimed belonged to China), Naseem eventually revealed that he had ended up somewhere unexpected in the dark. The operator then disclosed that Naseem had reached “hell.” LOL!

But the comedic journey didn’t stop there. Just wait until Naseem returns to the control room and asks operator Nadeem to guide him back on the right path. Nadeem apologized for providing the wrong address, advising, “Go to hell, then turn towards Pluto until you find a rough road to reach the moon,” as if it were a location in Pakistan! Then finally, Naseem made his way back and reached the Moon!

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The video quickly went viral on social media, spreading laughter everywhere. After all, who would have expected such a cosmic comedy?

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Meanwhile, with the discontinuation of TikTok in India, Smartkhabrinews couldn’t verify whether this particular video was created before or after the landing of Chandrayaan-3.

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