National Security Guard (NSG) Set to Ensure Comprehensive Security for G20 Summit Delhi

For the first time in its history, the National Security Guard (NSG), India’s elite and highly equipped force, is poised to deploy its full spectrum of expertise for the upcoming G20 Summit in Delhi on September 9-10. This strategic move aims to ensure top-tier security measures encompassing anti-terror operations, anti-sabotage tasks, anti-drone initiatives, house interventions, sniper operations, and handling of chemical attacks and bomb disposal. Sources closely associated with the event have revealed these exclusive details to Smartkhabrinews.

Swift Response to Threats

The NSG, renowned for its elite ‘black cats,’ will be strategically positioned at key locations throughout the summit. With a remarkable ability to react within minutes, these specially trained teams will swiftly respond to any potential threats, mitigating risks effectively. Notably, multiple contingency plans have been meticulously crafted to cover a range of security scenarios.

Collaborative Security Endeavors

The NSG’s role extends beyond being first responders; they are primed to offer essential support to the Delhi Police as well. The NSG teams, fully equipped and prepared, will be stationed at the venues where international heads of state will be residing during the summit. This collaborative approach ensures a seamless security environment.

Specialized Intervention Units

The NSG’s expertise extends to a variety of specialized intervention units. The House Intervention Teams (HITs) and sniper detachments are at the ready, positioned strategically to neutralize any potential terror threats in critical areas. Moreover, the NSG’s bomb disposal squads will conduct thorough anti-sabotage assessments at crucial meeting venues and the residences of key dignitaries. These squads are equipped with state-of-the-art Remotely Operated Vehicles and Total Containment Vehicles, enabling safe and effective handling of potential bomb threats across the national capital.

Countering Drone Menace

In response to the growing drone threat, the NSG will employ dedicated teams at vital locations. Part of a multi-agency effort against rogue drone threats, these teams will work closely with the Indian Air Force, Air Traffic Control (ATC), and other relevant agencies. This collaboration aims to swiftly neutralize any potential rogue drone activities during the summit.

Aerial Insertion and Rapid Response

NSG’s aerial insertion teams will be strategically positioned to address contingencies during significant events throughout the summit. This rapid response capability ensures that any security threats can be effectively managed in real-time, bolstering the overall security framework.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Intervention

Emphasizing comprehensive security preparedness, the NSG will deploy teams with multifaceted capabilities, specifically trained for interventions involving Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Explosives (CBRNe). This specialized approach ensures that even the most complex security challenges can be addressed promptly and effectively.

Collaborative Security Personnel

Former NSG officers will play a pivotal role in securing Very Very Important Persons (VVIPs) during the summit. These officers, drawn from elite units like the Special Protection Group (SPG) and the NSG, have been repatriated for this purpose. Their extensive experience and training make them well-equipped to provide top-notch cavalcade security and protection to foreign dignitaries participating in the event.

These veteran officers, currently serving in various police and force roles across the country, have been specifically chosen to provide exceptional security cover due to their expertise and background.

International Cooperation for Enhanced Security

The decision to involve the NSG and SPG in providing foolproof security at the summit stems from detailed threat perceptions shared by several countries regarding their dignitaries’ safety. This collaborative security approach aims to ensure that the G20 Summit in Delhi is conducted with the highest level of safety and security, fostering an environment conducive to productive discussions and diplomatic engagements.

“The NSG’s deployment for the G20 Summit exemplifies India’s commitment to robust security measures and international cooperation in the face of evolving security challenges.” – Government Official

With the National Security Guard’s comprehensive deployment of expertise and strategic collaboration with other key agencies, the G20 Summit Delhi is set to be a secure and successful event, fostering meaningful dialogues among global leaders.

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