NEET SS 2023 Postponed Due to G20 Summit

The National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) has decided to postpone the NEET SS 2023 examination due to the 18th G20 Summit. This decision comes as a response to the G20 Summit taking place in Delhi from September 8 to 10, the same dates on which the NEET SS exam was originally scheduled.

The postponement is intended to ensure the smooth execution of both the G20 Summit and the NEET SS examination, minimizing any potential disruptions.

New Exam Dates to Be Announced

The National Board of Examinations will soon announce fresh dates for the NEET SS 2023 examination on their official website. This announcement will provide clarity to all the candidates who were eagerly awaiting the exam and allow them to plan accordingly.

NEET SS 2023 Exam Details

The NEET SS 2023 examination is an essential step for medical professionals seeking admission to Super Specialty Courses for the academic year 2023–24. It covers a wide range of medical disciplines, including DM/MCh courses offered at various institutions and universities, as well as programs under the Armed Forces Medical Services and DrNB super-specialty programs.

This examination will consist of a total of 150 questions, and candidates will have two and a half hours to answer them. It will be conducted in two shifts: morning and afternoon, ensuring convenience for all participants.

Admit Card Issuance

Initially, the National Board of Examinations had planned to issue admit cards for NEET SS candidates on September 4. However, with the postponement of the exam, the issuance of admit cards will also be rescheduled. Candidates are advised to keep a close watch on the official website for updates regarding the admit card release date.

Concerns of Kashmiri Students

One of the concerns arising from this postponement is the situation of students from Kashmir who are preparing for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Super Specialty. As of now, the NBEMS has not established any exam centers within the valley, which is causing anxiety among aspiring candidates from the region.

The NBEMS should address these concerns and provide suitable solutions to ensure that all eligible candidates can participate in the examination without any hindrances.

Eligibility for NEET SS 2023

The NEET SS 2023 examination was open to applicants who currently hold a recognized postgraduate medical degree or provisional pass certificate (MD, MS, or DNB). Additionally, candidates anticipating the completion of their postgraduate medical degree by September 30, 2023, were also eligible to apply for the exam.

Candidates were required to pay an examination fee of Rs 4,250 for each group they opted to take the examination in. For example, a candidate with an MD in pediatrics who decides to take the examinations for both the medical and pediatric groups would need to pay Rs 8,500.

Stay Informed

As the situation evolves, it is crucial for NEET SS 2023 candidates to stay informed about the rescheduled exam dates, admit card issuance, and any other updates related to the examination. Regularly checking the official NBEMS website is advisable to ensure that you have the latest information.

The postponement of the NEET SS 2023 examination is a necessary measure to accommodate the scheduling of the G20 Summit. While it may cause some inconvenience, it is in the best interest of all stakeholders to ensure the smooth conduct of both events. Candidates are encouraged to remain patient and focused on their preparations as they await the announcement of the new exam dates.

“We understand that this postponement may be challenging for candidates, but it is essential to prioritize the successful execution of both the G20 Summit and the NEET SS 2023 examination,” stated a spokesperson for the National Board of Examinations.

For any further inquiries or clarifications regarding the NEET SS 2023 examination, candidates can reach out to the National Board of Examinations through their official channels.


In conclusion, the NEET SS 2023 examination has been postponed due to the G20 Summit, and new exam dates will be announced soon. Eligible candidates are advised to stay updated with the official NBEMS website for the latest information. While this delay may be inconvenient, it is a necessary step to ensure the successful execution of both events.

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