Misunderstanding Leads to Mistaken Identity: Man Arrested for Attacking Senior Citizen in Bengaluru

A bizarre incident unfolded in Karnataka’s Bengaluru, where a man’s mistaken assumption led to a disturbing confrontation. The incident, which took place at 17th Cross in the city’s Malleswaram area, involved a daily-wage laborer named H Raju and a senior citizen, Balasubramanya HV, aged 62. The outcome sheds light on the importance of communication and the dangers of acting impulsively.

The Unfortunate Encounter

According to reports by the Times of India, the incident occurred when Raju was walking along the pavement on 17th Cross. Out of nowhere, a stray dog barked at him and started chasing him. In his panic, Raju rushed to the opposite pavement to escape the dog’s pursuit. Unfortunately, the dog’s barking ceased, and Raju was left perplexed and agitated.

“Suddenly, the dog walking behind him (Balasubramanya) started barking at me. I started walking at a brisk pace and it chased me. I ran to the opposite pavement to escape from the dog. The dog disappeared and I got angry at the man as I thought it was his dog,”

Raju’s frustration turned into confrontation as he directed his anger at Balasubramanya, mistakenly assuming him to be the dog’s owner. Shouting ensued, and in a regrettable turn of events, Raju resorted to violence.

The Tragic Turn of Events

Amidst the heated argument, Raju pulled out a knife and attacked Balasubramanya. The elderly man, taken by surprise and unable to comprehend Raju’s actions, tried to defend himself. Balasubramanya recounted, “I couldn’t understand his words. He then pulled a knife and stabbed me in the jaw. I screamed for help and tried to stop him from further attack. Then he stabbed me again on my right hand and finger.”

The onlookers, responding to Balasubramanya’s cries, intervened as Raju fled the scene. Good Samaritans provided assistance to the injured senior citizen and ensured he reached the hospital for necessary medical treatment. Fortunately, Balasubramanya’s injuries were not fatal, and he was subsequently discharged from the hospital.

Identification and Arrest

After recovering from the traumatic incident, Balasubramanya took the necessary steps to bring the perpetrator to justice. With the help of CCTV footage, he identified Raju and reported the incident to the police. The police promptly arrested Raju, a 57-year-old individual with a history of misunderstanding and violence.

This incident serves as a grim reminder of the repercussions that can arise from hasty judgments and impulsive actions. It underscores the importance of maintaining composure, seeking peaceful resolutions, and avoiding violence at all costs.


The incident in Bengaluru stands as a cautionary tale, illustrating the potential consequences of misunderstanding and unchecked anger. The aftermath of this incident should serve as a reminder to approach disagreements and conflicts with patience, empathy, and rational thinking. In a world where communication is key, it is essential to pause, assess the situation, and respond thoughtfully rather than react impulsively.

As Balasubramanya continues to recover from his injuries, society must reflect on the incident and work toward preventing similar instances in the future. This case not only highlights the need for personal restraint but also emphasizes the significance of community awareness and support.

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