Misunderstanding in the Rain: Pakistani Sisters Celebrate Nonexistent Cricket Match

The spirits of every cricket fan in India and Pakistan were dampened when the highly anticipated India vs. Pakistan clash was cancelled due to rain. While Pakistan’s initial bowling attack had been a spectacular sight to behold, the rain gods showed no mercy, robbing the match of the excitement it promised.

However, amidst this disappointment, a group of Pakistani sisters celebrated relentlessly, undeterred by the match’s cancellation. Why, you ask? Because they had mistaken the match highlights being shown on TV for the actual Asia Cup 2023 match scheduled for September 2. This comical misunderstanding quickly became an online sensation, leaving cricket fans everywhere in stitches.

Match Date Event Result
September 2, 2023 India vs. Pakistan Match Cancelled (Rain)
September 10, 2023 Next India vs. Pakistan Match Stay Tuned!

The video, shared on ‘X,’ featured a TikToker who woke up to see Pakistan losing four wickets on TV. The camera panned to show Pakistani batsmen hitting boundaries against India, leaving everyone in suspense. Little did they know that such a match did not take place this time, as Pakistan hadn’t even had a chance to bat in the most recent game due to rain.

“I died laughing,”

Oblivious to this fact, the woman behind the camera and her sister (presumably) continued to celebrate and anticipate victory until the winning runs were scored with just one ball to spare. In their moment of ecstasy, the recorder even accidentally dropped her phone.

The Hilarious Revelation

However, the video soon took a hilarious turn as other women intervened to reveal the truth. They pointed out that what the excited sisters thought was this year’s match actually looked like highlights from last year’s IND vs. PAK encounter, where Pakistan had defeated India by five wickets during the Asia Cup 2022 Super 4 game. It dawned on them that this year’s match had been halted due to rain in Sri Lanka, leading to uproarious laughter.

The video quickly went viral, with people unable to contain their laughter. One user humorously pointed out, “She can’t read HIGHLIGHTS on the right?” Another simply exclaimed, “I died laughing,” while a third quipped, “The girls who watch cricket just for the cricketers.”

Rain’s Interruption

Meanwhile, on the cricketing front, rain played spoilsport as the India-Pakistan Asia Cup group stage game in Pallekele had to be called off with the entire second innings yet to be played. Ishan Kishan (82) and Hardik Pandya (87) rescued India, taking them to a total of 266 after Shaheen Afridi and Haris Rauf wreaked havoc in the early stages.

Cricket fans now eagerly await the next match between these arch-rivals, scheduled for September 10.

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