Meta’s Threads app, which was released in July, has been limited to iOS and Android devices. However, reports suggest that a web version is set to be launched as early as this week. The Wall Street Journal indicates that Meta’s plans for a web version are not yet final and could change. Despite this uncertainty, Instagram head Adam Mosseri confirms the existence of an early version being tested internally. However, further development is required before it can be made available to the public.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also hinted at additional features accompanying the web version, including a more comprehensive search function. These features are expected to be released in the coming weeks. Given the timeline and the WSJ report, it is likely that Meta will roll out the web version of Threads soon.

Meanwhile, Threads is experiencing a decline in daily users. Despite its initial success as the most downloaded non-game app in a decade, with over 100 million users, the app is now losing users at a rapid pace. TIME reports that Threads’ user base is now less than a tenth of X’s (formerly Twitter).

The app’s early success was attributed to its simple sign-up process, especially for Instagram users, who could easily join Threads. However, this ease of use came with certain limitations, such as the inability to delete a Threads profile without deleting the associated Instagram account. Threads also faced criticism for launching with limited features, lacking key functionalities present in X. These included a more extensive search, a following feed, and a trending page.

Despite these challenges, Meta is working on improving Threads and is expected to launch the web version soon. The additional features promised by Mark Zuckerberg could potentially attract more users back to the app.

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