Mercedes-Benz Unveils 2024 EQB and EQA Facelifts for Global Markets

Mercedes-Benz, the renowned luxury automobile manufacturer, has recently unveiled the anticipated 2024 facelifts for their EQB and EQA models, targeting global markets. These two all-electric SUVs have received a series of discreet yet impactful updates, including visual enhancements, technological advancements, and mechanical refinements. While the launch date for the facelifted models in India remains a well-kept secret, prospective buyers worldwide can start placing their orders in the approaching fall months of 2023. European customers are set to have these refreshed EQB and EQA SUVs available for purchase right at the start of the upcoming year, 2024.

Modest Design Enhancements

The 2024 EQB and EQA facelifts come with subtle yet distinctive design improvements that contribute to their overall appeal. A notable change is the inclusion of a standard black panel front grille adorned with an elegant star pattern. Moreover, a diverse array of fresh color schemes and alloy wheel options provide customers with the freedom to tailor their SUVs according to their preferences. Noteworthy alterations in the lighting department include the integration of a front light bar and revamped LED daytime running lights. The rear light configuration has also evolved from a circular design to a sleeker horizontal arrangement. Despite these updates, the fundamental styling of these SUVs retains its distinct identity from the pre-facelift versions.

2024 Mercedes-Benz EQA

Elegant Interiors with Innovative Features

Step inside the cabins of the EQB and EQA facelifts, and you’ll immediately notice the star pattern theme carried over onto the dashboard and door trim pieces. This star pattern is subtly backlit, creating an ambiance reminiscent of the high-end S-Class and EQS models. Notably, both SUVs feature Mercedes’ revolutionary touch-capacitive three-spoke steering wheel, contributing to an advanced and user-friendly driving experience. Additionally, an open-pore wood trim option and Mercedes’ innovative touch-capacitive three-spoke steering wheel further enhance the interiors’ elegance and functionality.

Enhanced Features for Maximum Utility

The 2024 EQB and EQA models introduce a host of enhancements that elevate their practicality and utility. One standout addition is the inclusion of a self-stabilizing trailer hitch, offering a maximum payload capacity of 1,400 kg for front-wheel-drive vehicles and 1,700 kg for four-wheel-drive variants. Notably, this trailer hitch option is exclusively available for customers who opt out of the third row of seats. Another noteworthy addition is the Burmester sound system with Dolby Atmos, which allows passengers to choose from four distinct ‘sound experiences’ that modify the tonal characteristics and acoustics of music, providing an immersive auditory journey.

Mercedes Me Plug

According to reports, the Mercedes Me Plug…

Details about the innovative Mercedes Me Plug feature are yet to be fully disclosed. This technology is expected to provide an enhanced and seamless charging experience for the EQB and EQA facelifts, contributing to the overall convenience of owning and operating these electrified SUVs.

Ordering and Availability

Enthusiasts and potential buyers eagerly anticipating the upgraded 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQB and EQA models can rejoice, as the option to place orders is just around the corner. Starting in the fall of 2023, interested customers will be able to configure and order their preferred versions of these all-electric SUVs. The anticipated arrival of the facelifted EQB and EQA at European dealerships is scheduled for the early months of 2024. As for the Indian market, while Mercedes-Benz introduced the EQB last year, specific details about the launch of the facelifted models are yet to be disclosed.


The unveiling of the 2024 EQB and EQA facelifts by Mercedes-Benz marks another significant step in the evolution of electric vehicles, combining subtle yet impactful design enhancements with innovative features aimed at maximizing utility and comfort. With the ability to place orders approaching and the European market launch on the horizon, the automotive world eagerly awaits the next chapter in Mercedes-Benz’s journey toward electrified excellence.

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