Man Attempts to Rob Woman of Rs 45 Lakh in ‘’ Scam

In a bizarre incident, a man tried to rob a woman of Rs 45 Lakh through what is being deemed as the ‘’ scam. Taking to Reddit, a woman explained the entire incident, which has left many people shocked.

The woman revealed that she had been using the app for some time. She mentioned, “But I am kind enough to reply to someone who reaches out to me via WhatsApp (because premium users can get your number?).” She went on to explain that one day, a guy texted her and they had a conversation for about two days. He skillfully brought up the topic of moving to Canada, as she had mentioned it on her profile. He claimed to work as a freelancer for a company that specializes in helping people immigrate.

The woman became suspicious when she realized that the guy had created his profile to find potential customers for his firm. Curious to find out the extent of their operations, she decided to investigate further. The man then connected her with his consultancy firm, where she discovered that he was her junior. The woman at the firm informed her that she could pay 45 lakh to gain additional points for her permanent residency application. Shocked by the exorbitant amount, the woman declined and blocked them both.

Another Reddit user shared their experience, stating, “There are a lot of scams going on there. One of them is that a guy who is settled abroad would talk to you and pretend he would be visiting you or sending you gifts. However, this guy or the gifts he claims to have sent get stuck at immigration, and he asks for money to release them before blocking you.” Another user highlighted the scam prevalent on, stating, “Okay so has more scams than you can imagine. First of all, the app itself is a scam. They will give you a response from the best profile and make you pay. After paying, you will never receive a response as those profiles are fake. Once your package expires, they will show you good profiles again and make you pay to connect.”

In another strange incident, a 72-year-old man from Kanpur was tricked by three individuals from West Bengal, all of whom have now been arrested. The victim, identified as Avinash Kumar Shukla, was allegedly duped of Rs 9 lakh. The three individuals convinced him to purchase a “magic mirror” that supposedly had the ability to see people naked and predict the future. The culprits, Partha Singhray, Molaya Sarkar, and Sudipta Sinha Roy, were apprehended by Nayapalli police in Odisha where the transaction took place.


These incidents serve as a reminder to exercise caution while interacting on online platforms and to be aware of potential scams. It is crucial to verify the authenticity of individuals and services before sharing any personal or financial information.

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