Indian 4×400 Relay Team Secures 5th Place in World Athletics Championships 2023

The World Athletics Championships 2023 concluded on Sunday, August 27, in Budapest with an electrifying display of athletic prowess. Among the highlights of the event was India’s remarkable performance in the men’s 4×400 relay. The Indian relay team, consisting of Muhammed Anas, Amoj Jacob, Muhammed Ajmal Variyathodi, and Rajesh Ramesh, finished fifth in the final race, showcasing their exceptional talent and dedication.

Medal Winners

Position Country Time
Gold USA 2:57:31
Silver France 2:58:45
Bronze Great Britain 2:58:71
5th India 2:59.92

In a race that witnessed intense competition, the United States clinched the gold medal with a remarkable time of 2:57:31. The French team secured the silver medal, setting a new national record with a time of 2:58:45. Great Britain claimed the bronze medal, clocking their season-best time of 2:58:71.

“Much credit to the men’s relay team of Muhammed Anas, Amoj Jacob, Muhammed Ajmal Variyathodi and Rajesh Ramesh as they finished narrowly behind the heavyweights of world athletics.”

The Indian relay team had earlier displayed their exceptional potential in the semifinal heats, setting an Asian record time of 2:59.05. This performance earned them a well-deserved place in the final race, alongside renowned teams such as the USA, Great Britain, Italy, and Jamaica.

Historic Achievement

Notably, this marked the first time in history that the Indian men’s relay team qualified for the World Athletics Championships 4×400 relay final. Their outstanding performance in the semifinal heats had garnered significant attention, with their remarkable time placing them second, just behind the United States.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also lauded the Indian relay team for their exceptional display in the semifinals. He shared his praise on social media, stating, “Incredible teamwork at the World Athletics Championships! Anas, Amoj, Rajesh Ramesh and Muhammed Ajmal sprinted into the finals, setting a new Asian Record in the M 4X400m Relay. This will be remembered as a triumphant comeback, truly historical for Indian athletics.”

Overall Championship Tally

The World Athletics Championships 2023 concluded with the United States leading the overall medal tally. The US team secured a total of 29 medals, including an impressive 12 gold medals. Canada secured the second position with 4 gold medals and a total of 6 medals overall. Spain finished in third place with a total of five medals, four of which were gold.

As the curtains closed on the global spectacle, the Indian relay team’s achievements remained a source of pride and inspiration, showcasing the nation’s growing prominence in the world of athletics.

With their historic performance and remarkable journey, the Indian men’s 4×400 relay team has etched their names in the annals of sports history, motivating future generations to aim for greatness on the track.

Source: Athletics Federation of India

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