Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor found himself in hot water recently when he shared his thoughts on sneaker authenticity, urging his followers to buy genuine sneakers rather than settling for counterfeit ones. The Bhavesh Joshi Superhero star, known for his passion for sneakers, took to his Instagram Stories to emphasize the importance of investing in authentic footwear and encouraged his audience to “do their due diligence and buy from trusted sellers.”

However, his well-intentioned message triggered a wave of criticism on social media, with many users ridiculing and even labeling him as “delusional.” Kapoor’s initial Instagram Story read, “Don’t know who needs to hear this but please stop wearing fake sneakers… if you have a low/moderate budget, there are plenty of great options out there, like Converse, Vans, basic Air Force, etc. If someone gifts you a pair, and they happen to be inauthentic, you can pass them on to someone else who may not be aware of their authenticity and would gladly wear them. But if you’re purchasing them yourself, please exercise due diligence and buy from trusted sellers.”

In a follow-up Story, he continued, “I also hope more men and boys pay attention to their dressing and make wise clothing investments. It doesn’t have to be expensive; there are numerous affordable options available. However, there’s no point in wearing an expensive pair of shoes if you don’t know how to complement the rest of your outfit. Your attire should reflect your tastes and preferences, and there’s an abundance of information and resources available. Don’t be lazy; educate yourself. It can be a lot of fun. When we talk about culture, whether it’s sneaker culture or street fashion, it’s not about seeking validation; it’s about expressing your individuality and uniqueness through your outfit choices and what they represent (Indian flag emoticon).”

Unsurprisingly, Kapoor’s posts quickly made their way to Reddit, where users didn’t hold back in their criticism. One Reddit user commented, “This is so embarrassingly cringe. I couldn’t even finish reading the second slide.” Another chimed in, “Your footwear choice says nothing about you. But your sneakers better be on point. This is a terrible nepotism pandemic.”

Expressing disbelief, a third user wrote, “I refuse to believe someone can be this dumb and actually write (or even think) in such a way for millions of people to read. That level of ignorance is hard for me to comprehend, and I mean it seriously.” Another sarcastically remarked, “Tell me you grew up with money without telling me.” They continued, “Looks are the only thing that matters to Mr. Delulu. Typical nepo kid behavior.”

One user couldn’t resist a bit of humor, saying, “Bless – he thinks he’s doing a public service announcement 😂.”

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