Introducing GATE 2024: Your Path to Higher Education

The Indian Institute of Science (IISC) in Bangalore has officially released the GATE 2024 information booklet, offering valuable insights to individuals aiming to pursue master’s degrees at esteemed institutions such as IITs, NITs, and IIITs. To access this comprehensive guide, interested applicants can visit the official website: This information resource is designed to equip candidates with all the necessary information they need to excel in the GATE 2024 test.

Key Dates for GATE 2024

The GATE 2024 registration process is set to commence on August 30 and will conclude on September 29. Candidates who require additional time to register can do so by paying a late fee until October 13. Mark your calendars for the GATE 2024 examination dates: February 3, 4, 10, and 11. Admit cards will be issued starting from January 3, 2024. The moment of truth arrives on March 16, 2024, when the GATE 2024 results will be unveiled, opening doors to countless opportunities.

GATE 2024: Eligibility Criteria

Are you eligible to embark on this academic journey? If you are in the final year of an undergraduate degree program or have successfully completed a government-approved degree in Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Science, or Humanities, you are eligible to take the GATE 2024 test. Remarkably, there is no upper age limit to participate, making this a chance for learners of all ages to explore new horizons.

Application Fee Details

It’s crucial to be aware of the application fees associated with GATE 2024. For applicants falling under the general category, the application fee is set at Rs 1,800. However, individuals belonging to categories such as SC, ST, PWD, and females are entitled to a reduced fee of Rs 900. Candidates opting to apply for two different papers will be required to pay double the fee compared to those applying for a single paper. This approach ensures fairness and accessibility for all applicants.

Unlocking the Exam Pattern

The GATE 2024 exam pattern is diverse and multi-faceted. This year’s edition encompasses 30 objective test papers, all presented in the English language. Candidates are presented with the choice to tackle either one or two exam papers based on their strengths and preferences.

The test questions are presented in three formats:

  1. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): In MCQs, candidates must choose the correct answer from four alternatives.
  2. Multiple Select Questions (MSQ): MSQs require candidates to select one or more correct options from four alternatives.
  3. Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions: NAT questions demand candidates to enter the answer using a virtual keypad. These questions are designed to evaluate a candidate’s problem-solving skills and precision.

“The GATE 2024 exam format ensures a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s knowledge and skills, encompassing diverse question types.”

When it comes to scoring, MCQs have a specific correct answer among the options, while MSQs offer multiple correct choices. For NAT questions, candidates must accurately input the answer using the virtual keypad. Additionally, a virtual calculator is provided for calculations, making the assessment process seamless.

It’s important to note that negative marking applies for incorrect responses. For a 1-mark MCQ, a deduction of one-third of the score is applicable for each incorrect response. For a 2-mark MCQ, a deduction of two-thirds of the score is applied for an incorrect answer. However, MSQs and NAT questions do not incur negative marking for incorrect responses, promoting a fair evaluation process.

Your GATE 2024 Scorecard: A Ticket to the Future

Upon the announcement of GATE 2024 results on March 16, the journey is far from over. The GATE 2024 scorecard holds immense value, as it remains valid for three years after the results are declared. This extensive validity period offers candidates the flexibility to explore diverse academic and professional avenues, armed with their GATE achievements.

It’s noteworthy that candidates with BDS, BVSc, and BSc degrees in agriculture, horticulture, and forestry are also eligible to participate in GATE 2024, broadening the scope of opportunities for individuals from various educational backgrounds.

In Conclusion

GATE 2024 is not merely an examination; it’s an opportunity for aspiring minds to unlock their potential and access esteemed institutions for higher education. With the information booklet now accessible, candidates can dive into the details of registration, eligibility, exam patterns, and more, setting the stage for a successful GATE 2024 journey. Remember, your GATE score is not just a number; it’s a testament to your dedication and a key to unlock a world of possibilities.

For further details and registration, visit the official GATE 2024 website:

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