Delhi-NCR was enveloped in dense clouds early on Friday as residents prepared for their daily commute to offices. Some areas experienced rain accompanied by gusty winds, while others grappled with waterlogged streets. The meteorological department has predicted generally cloudy skies with light to moderate rainfall in Delhi for the next five days. On Thursday, the maximum temperature settled four notches above the seasonal average at 37.6 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature was recorded at 27.8 degrees.

Rainy Days Ahead

Skymet, a private weather forecasting agency, anticipates that the national capital and its neighboring regions will witness more downpour due to a low-pressure area expected to move inland. According to the report, the wind pattern has already begun to shift predominantly towards the east over the Indo-Gangetic Plains, extending even to Delhi in the lower levels. Furthermore, the Monsoon trough is currently positioned south of its usual location, and these atmospheric conditions are likely to bring rainfall to Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR).

Light Showers Expected

Skymet forecasts that the chances of rain will persist for the next 4-5 days, with most showers expected to be light. However, some isolated areas may experience moderate rainfall. The bulletin issued on Thursday had predicted increased showers for Friday, September 15, and Saturday, September 16. This is because the weather system is expected to move closer to Delhi during this period, resulting in more substantial rainfall.

Favorable Conditions for Light Rain

Conditions also favor light rain throughout the weekend, according to Skymet. The weather agency stated that the system may come almost abeam Delhi, further enhancing the chances of showers in the region. As a result, residents are advised to be prepared for wet weather conditions over the next few days.

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