Delhi Government and MCD Offices Remain Closed During G20 Summit

All Delhi government, Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) offices, and schools in the national capital will be closed from September 8 to September 10 due to the G20 summit.

The decision to declare a public holiday during this period was approved by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

“The file on the police proposal was forwarded by Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar to the Delhi chief minister for his approval. After the chief minister’s approval, it would be sent for the LG’s nod,” an official informed PTI.

On August 18, Special Police Commissioner Madhup Tiwari of the Delhi Police wrote to the chief secretary, recommending the government declare a public holiday from September 8 to September 10 and issue directions for the closure of commercial establishments, particularly those located in the New Delhi area, in view of the G20 Summit.

This decision aims to ensure the smooth conduct of the G20 summit and to maintain security in the city during the event. Closing government offices and schools will help reduce traffic congestion and facilitate the movement of attendees, delegates, and security personnel.

Implications of the Closure

The closure of Delhi government offices, MCD offices, and schools will have an impact on the general public.

Impacted Entities Impact
Delhi government offices Services provided by the Delhi government, such as administration and public welfare programs, may be affected during the closure period.
MCD Offices Services provided by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, such as sanitation and waste management, may witness disruptions during the closure.
Schools Student attendance and academic activities will be affected as schools remain closed.

Preparations for the G20 Summit

The G20 summit, which will be held in New Delhi, is a significant global event. World leaders and representatives from various countries will gather to discuss important global issues.

India has been preparing for the G20 summit with substantial efforts towards ensuring a successful and secure event. The closure of government offices, MCD offices, and schools during the summit is part of these preparations.

Authorities are taking strict security measures to maintain law and order, prevent any untoward incidents, and facilitate the smooth conduct of the summit.

The closure of commercial establishments mainly in the New Delhi area further helps in minimizing potential security threats and ensuring the safety of attendees and participants.

The G20 summit provides a platform for world leaders to discuss and address critical global issues such as economic growth, climate change, and international trade.

Delhi’s role as the host city reflects its importance as a global player. It serves as an opportunity for India to showcase its capabilities and diplomatic prowess.

Overall, the closure of government offices, MCD offices, and schools during the G20 summit is a necessary measure to ensure the smooth functioning of the event and maintain security in the national capital.

(With PTI inputs)

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