Delhi’s Grand Transformation for the G20 Leader’s Summit

Delhi is getting ready to extend a grand welcome to leaders from the G20 nations as they prepare to convene for the summit on September 9 and 10. The capital city is buzzing with excitement, adorning its streets and surroundings in anticipation of the G20 Leader’s Summit, set to take place at the newly constructed International Convention and Exhibition Centre at Pragati Maidan. Given the high-profile nature of this gathering, meticulous efforts have been put into enhancing the cityscape.

City Beautification Efforts

Preparations include the resurfacing of avenue roads, the installation of designer fountains adorned with sculptures, and the revitalization of pavements. Alongside these endeavors, floodlights, vibrant LED displays, underground power cables, and the installation of Tricolour flagpoles have transformed the city’s flyovers. Even the iconic Qutub Minar has not been exempt from this grand transformation and has been adorned with a striking display of multicolored lights.

Key Transformations Across Delhi
Enhancements Impact
Resurfacing of avenue roads Improved road infrastructure
Designer fountains with sculptures Enhanced aesthetics
Revitalized pavements Enhanced pedestrian experience
Floodlights and LED displays Stunning visual appeal
Underground power cables Reduced clutter
Tricolour flagpoles Patriotic touch

However, this particular lighting arrangement has raised eyebrows on social media, with some online users humorously likening it to a ‘garba’ outfit.

“The Qutub Minar looks like it’s going to start doing Garba any moment now,”

While another commented, “I have seen better aesthetics by Ulhasnagar Mitra Mandal Navratri celebrations than Qutub Minar right now ahead of G20 Summit.”

“Jetha Lal of Qutub Minar.”

On a more serious note, many criticized the excessive and unappealing lighting, with one person stating, “How ghastly. Complete lack of aesthetics.”

Another individual exclaimed, “This is hideous, robbing a familiar loved Delhi landmark, the Qutub Minar, to a Gujarati dandiya decor.”

While the unconventional lighting scheme failed to impress users on ‘X,’ one user shared a video showcasing a brilliant laser show at Qutub Minar, which resonated more positively.

The caption of the video reads, “BRILLIANT Laser Show at Qutab Minar, Delhi, भारत for G20 Summit.”

Watch the Video: BRILLIANT Laser Show at Qutab Minar, Delhi, भारत for G20 Summit 😍😍

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