Delhi Airport, in preparation for the upcoming G20 Leaders’ Summit on September 9 and 10, 2023, has issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) outlining significant flight restrictions. This NOTAM affects both scheduled airline operators and general aviation flights, with the exception of special G20 summit flights. In this article, we will delve into the details of these restrictions and their implications for air travel in the region.

Flight Restrictions

According to the NOTAM, during the G20 Summit, Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport will not permit the landing or take-off of non-scheduled flights for both scheduled airline operators and general aviation flights, including non-scheduled charter flights. However, scheduled flights operated by scheduled operators will continue to operate normally during this period.

Special G20 Summit Flights

The NOTAM clarifies that special flights designated for the G20 Summit will be allowed to operate at IGI Airport. Additionally, the flight plans for special G20 dignitaries and their associated flights have been shared with Air Traffic Control (AIC), ensuring a streamlined and secure operation for these crucial attendees.

Exemptions from Flight Restrictions

Special exemptions have been granted for various categories of flights:

  • Indian Air Force (IAF) flights
  • Border Security Force (BSF) flights
  • Aviation Research Centre flights
  • Army aviation helicopters engaged in airborne missions or other assignments
  • Casualty and immediate medical evacuation flights
  • State-owned aircraft and helicopters transporting the Governor or Chief Minister

These exempted flights will be allowed to operate during the G20 Summit without any hindrance.

Airspace Overflight

For scheduled flights by scheduled operators flying on Air Traffic Service (ATS) routes, they are permitted to overfly a zone with a 300-kilometer radius around IGI Airport. Descent procedures for these flights must commence when they are at a distance of 200 kilometers or more from the airport.

Rohini Heliport Closure

It’s important to note that Rohini Heliport will remain closed throughout the duration of the G20 Summit. No flights will be permitted to operate from this heliport during this time.

Prior Clearance Requirement

Any other flight not falling into the aforementioned categories will require prior clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs. This additional step ensures the security and smooth functioning of airspace during this critical international event.

Safdarjung Airport Exceptions

While Safdarjung Airport will generally remain closed during the G20 Summit, there are exceptions. Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopters may be deployed from this airport for emergency or Very Very Important Person (VVIP) duties. Additionally, Border Security Force (BSF) and IAF helicopters used by the National Security Guard (NSG) to provide immediate backup support will also operate from Safdarjung Airport.


As India takes on the responsibility of hosting the G20 Leaders’ Summit, stringent flight restrictions are being implemented to ensure the safety and security of all attendees. While these measures may cause some inconvenience for regular air travelers, they are essential for the success of this international event. Travelers and aviation operators are advised to stay informed about the NOTAM and any updates related to flight operations during the G20 Summit.

For the latest information and updates regarding flight operations at Delhi Airport during the G20 Summit, please refer to official sources and the NOTAM issued by the authorities.

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