David Warner’s Embarrassing Airport Security Moment: A Close Encounter with the Metal Detector

Airport security checks can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone, even for cricket stars like David Warner. The Australian cricketer, known for his explosive batting on the field, recently found himself in an awkward situation at the Los Angeles International Airport.

A Glittery Event Leads to an Awkward Airport Incident

David Warner and his wife, Candice, had just attended the wedding of Tish Cyrus, mother of pop sensation Miley Cyrus, and Australian actor Dominic Purcell in Malibu. The glamorous event took place on August 25, and the Warners were returning to Australia after the festivities.

However, their journey home took an unexpected turn when David Warner triggered the metal-detecting machine at the airport’s security checkpoint. According to Candice, who shared the incident on the Australian radio station Triple M, the machine detected something unusual around David’s testicles.

“David went through the first one where you walk through and it started beeping. So, they (security) then ushered him to the full body scanner. He puts his arms up and it beeps again,”

– Candice Warner

The situation was undoubtedly embarrassing for the couple. To their surprise, the security personnel and even onlookers had a good laugh as they noticed a highlighted area on a giant computer screen connected to the scanning machine.

Candice humorously recalled, “The security man came up to him and said, ‘Look, we are going to have to sort this out.’ But I was left confused wondering what is going on downstairs or what is going on with my husband’s package.”

After a thorough inspection and a bit of awkwardness, David Warner was eventually cleared by the airport security, allowing the couple to proceed with their journey back home.

Speculations and Laughter Amidst the Awkwardness

The incident took an amusing turn when Triple M’s Rush Hour medical expert, Dr. Sam, chimed in with a possible explanation for the embarrassing alert. He speculated that David Warner might have a piercing in that region. However, Candice was quick to dismiss the notion, asserting that there were no such piercings.

From Embarrassment to Cricket Challenges

While the airport mishap provided a light-hearted moment, David Warner’s cricketing journey has had its challenges. The dynamic opener has been struggling to regain his iconic form on the field. In the Ashes series held in England, Warner’s performance was far from his best, as he managed to score only 225 runs in 9 innings, averaging a modest 25.

Despite this slump in form, Warner managed to secure a spot in Australia’s preliminary squad for the upcoming ICC ODI World Cup, scheduled to be held in India in October-November. To prepare for the challenging Indian conditions, Australia will engage in a three-match ODI series against the host nation before entering the World Cup arena.


David Warner’s airport security mishap might have caused a moment of embarrassment, but it also offered a lighthearted anecdote amidst the challenges he faces in his cricket career. As he aims to rediscover his batting prowess in the World Cup, Warner’s journey continues, marked by both on-field struggles and off-field humorous incidents.

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