Colombo to Stay as Venue for Asia Cup 2023

In a recent development, it has been confirmed that Colombo will continue to serve as the venue for the latter part of the Asia Cup 2023 in Sri Lanka. Despite initial concerns about the Super Four stage being disrupted by heavy rain, the participating boards have decided not to shift the location to Hambantota.

No Venue Change Despite Rain Worries

Speculations were rife about the possibility of relocating the Asia Cup 2023 to Hambantota due to significant rainfall in Colombo over the past few days. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had reportedly expressed agreement with the proposed plan to move the matches to Hambantota, but recent reports indicate that there will be no alterations to the schedule.

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has opted to stick with the original schedule, citing concerns about inconveniencing fans who may have already made arrangements to watch the matches in Colombo. Additionally, it has been noted that the rainfall in Colombo has not been as severe as anticipated.

“It would cause inconvenience to fans who may have already made arrangements to watch the matches in Colombo,”

– Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) Chief Executive

However, the PCB is reportedly displeased with this turn of events, asserting that decisions regarding scheduling should not have been made without their consultation, given that they are the hosts of the continental tournament.

Origins of the Asia Cup 2023 Venue

The Asia Cup 2023 was initially scheduled to be hosted entirely in Pakistan. However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) stated that it would be unable to send its team across the border due to the Indian government’s refusal to grant permission.

In response, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah, who also serves as the ACC President, defended the hybrid model that was proposed. This model involves matches being held in both Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Shah explained, “In my capacity as ACC President, I was committed to finding a viable and mutually agreeable solution. To this end, I had accepted the hybrid model that was proposed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in collaboration with the ACC management. However, it’s important to note that the leadership of the PCB underwent several changes, and this resulted in some back-and-forth negotiations, particularly regarding crucial aspects such as tax exemption and insurance for matches.”


As of the latest reports, Colombo will remain the host city for the latter part of the Asia Cup 2023, and there will be no change in venue to Hambantota despite initial concerns about rainfall. The ACC’s decision to retain the original schedule has been driven by the desire to minimize inconvenience to fans and the observation that Colombo has not experienced as much rain as feared. However, the PCB is dissatisfied with this decision, emphasizing the importance of consultation for the host country.

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