College Student Receives Cheap Speakers Instead of Laptop from Flipkart

Instances of people receiving fake or sub-standard products from e-commerce websites are frequent online. A recent incident involves a college student who purchased a laptop worth Rs. 76,000 from Flipkart but got cheap speakers instead. The student, Atharva Khandelwal, expressed his frustration on the social media platform ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), directed towards the popular online store which, according to him, refrained from giving him a refund or replacement.

In his now-viral post, Atharva recounted the situation, writing, “Unbelievable experience with @Flipkart! Ordered a Macbook M1 worth 76,000 INR, but received cheap speakers instead. Despite solid evidence of their own delivery executive mishandling the situation, they’re denying refund under ‘no returns’ policy.”

Delay in Delivery and Package Inspection

He then proceeded to narrate the sequence of events and explained how the eagerly awaited delivery, initially scheduled for August 13th, was postponed until August 15th, after which he was directed to visit the delivery hub.

“Reached Flipkart hub as instructed. Delivery guy insisted on taking OTP before we opened the package, claiming ‘protocol’. We trusted. He opened the box, revealed not the laptop, but cheap 3,000 INR speakers! We have Proof: footage, face, his confession,” he elaborated further. Subsequently, he proceeded to outline the array of proofs he had gathered, yet asserted that Flipkart continued to reject the situation by citing their ‘no return’ policy.

Social Media Outcry and Response from Flipkart

Taking to social media, Atharva criticised this behavior as ‘unfair and unjust’ on the part of the platform, while also tagging consumer advocacy forums in a plea for assistance. He even declared his intention to persistently voice his concerns and solicit help through tweets until a resolution was achieved.

Soon, online users rallied in his support, urging Flipkart to address the matter. As the tweet gained momentum, Flipkart issued a response, affirming, “We are committed to making it right for our customers and @atharva_1913 is already in touch with us. You can count on us to sort this out.”

Refund Initiation and Conclusion

However, the saga didn’t end there. Atharva turned to Reddit for assistance and revealed that he had felt suicidal after falling victim to the deception. Yet, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. He updated his Reddit post to inform everyone that Flipkart had finally reached out to him, assuring him of a refund initiation.

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