The Quirky World of Bengaluru Landlords

In the vibrant city of Bengaluru, it’s not uncommon to find locals using social media platforms to search for potential tenants. What sets these Bengaluru landlords apart, for better or worse, are the unique and occasionally eccentric requests they make. Recently, one landlord, known as @Bharath_MG, posted about his property on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), generating significant attention.

The property in question was undeniably attractive, boasting modern interiors and amenities that drew Bengalureans to it in droves. However, the rollercoaster ride took an unexpected turn when the landlord, possibly motivated by a change of heart or financial considerations, decided to raise the rent. This sudden increase in rent sent shockwaves through social media, transforming it into a meme sensation.

@Bharath_MG’s initial post stated: “Renting my 2 BHK flat in Indiranagar 80ft road just next to Lazy Suzy and right opposite to 12th main. Interiors done recently. Bedroom has a home theater setup with a projector and motorized screen. No restrictions. Move-in date: Oct 15. Rent: 45K. Attached pics. DMs are open.”

However, in a subsequent post, the rent was revised to a whopping 55K. While some criticized this sudden hike, the internet couldn’t resist turning the situation into a humorous meme fest. The quoted words from the original post became the foundation of a trend, with individuals adding their own creative twists, injecting humor into the mix.

This trend gained momentum due to the undeniable appeal of the property and the unexpected nature of the rent adjustment. Memes flooded the internet, featuring famous landmarks like Buckingham Palace, Charminar, the iconic Raichand house from ‘K3G,’ and even the beloved childhood piggy bank shaped like a puppy house.

A Memorable Meme Fest

The internet had a field day creating memes inspired by @Bharath_MG’s rental saga. Some of the most memorable and hilarious memes included:

Meme Description
A meme featuring Buckingham Palace with a humorous caption related to the rent hike.
A meme featuring Charminar, a famous monument, in a comical context connected to the rent increase.
A meme incorporating the iconic Raichand house from the Bollywood movie ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham,’ with a witty comment about the rent.
A meme involving a childhood piggy bank shaped like a puppy house, humorously referencing the rent adjustment.

A Change of Heart

In response to the meme storm that engulfed social media, @Bharath_MG decided to take down his initial posts and publish a fresh one, accompanied by a heartfelt apology:

“I never expected so many responses to my rental tweet! They were mostly love, with a bit of hate mixed in for increasing the rent. Really sorry about that!”

He also made a promise not to raise the rent after entering into a rental agreement. It was a surprising twist in a story that no one could have predicted. Who would have thought that a simple post seeking tenants would evolve into a viral meme trend?


The world of Bengaluru landlords on social media is undoubtedly quirky and filled with surprises. The viral sensation surrounding @Bharath_MG’s rental property serves as a reminder that the internet has an uncanny ability to turn even the most ordinary situations into extraordinary phenomena. In this case, humor prevailed, and the memes became the unexpected stars of the show.

As for @Bharath_MG, he may have had a change of heart, but his property will forever be associated with one of Bengaluru’s most memorable meme moments.


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