Bengaluru Airport’s Expansion: A Look at Terminal 3 and Beyond

With the rapid growth in the city’s air travel, Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL) is gearing up to launch Terminal 3, aiming to establish itself as the top choice for travelers worldwide. In an interview with Smartkhabrinews, BIAL’s MD and CEO Hari Marar shared insights into the airport’s expansion plans and the benefits it brings.

Moving International Operations

Bengaluru’s airport now operates with a unique division of its terminals. “Terminal in a Garden” (T2) is dedicated to international operations, while Terminal 1 serves domestic travel exclusively. Hari Marar noted that they expect over 40 million passengers to use the airport by year-end, making Terminal 2 a crucial addition.

Terminal Passengers (Yearly) Capacity
Terminal 2 (International) 4.5 million 10 million
Terminal 1 (Domestic) N/A Increased capacity

Terminal 2, positioned as a one-of-a-kind facility with seamless connectivity utilizing IoT technology, aims to set global standards. This transition is expected to simplify travel significantly, enabling passengers to move between domestic and international flights effortlessly.

Reducing Queues

Regarding queues at the airport, Hari Marar emphasized that they are typically a result of demand exceeding capacity. With Terminal 2’s expanded capacity, they anticipate minimal queues. However, factors like cancellations and weather conditions can still affect wait times. Terminal 2’s unique “Terminal in a Garden” concept offers passengers a pleasant environment, complete with restaurants and artwork, ensuring a comfortable waiting experience.

Capacity Expansion

The airport’s capacity has been on the rise, with plans to further increase it. Initially designed for 26 million passengers, it has been stretched to accommodate over 30 million passengers yearly. Combined, both terminals (international and domestic) can handle between 55-60 million passengers annually, with 50% spare capacity, providing room for growth.

Impact of Ukraine-Russia Conflict

The Ukraine-Russia conflict has affected international flights, delaying plans for direct flights to the USA with US Airways and American Airlines. However, several European airlines, such as Lufthansa, are expanding their operations to Bengaluru. The airport is in discussions with other airlines and anticipates doubling its international volume in the coming years.

Future Expansion

Regarding the adequacy of two terminals, Hari Marar mentioned plans for a third terminal with reserved space. The airport’s master plan envisions its development over the next 40 years, expanding Terminal 2 and eventually constructing Terminal 3. These terminals will be interconnected, forming a U-shaped layout to accommodate future growth.

Unforgettable Airport Experiences

In his 17 years at Bengaluru airport, Hari Marar has witnessed a wide range of life events, from births and marriages to rejections and divorces. The airport, he notes, is a microcosm of life itself, offering a unique perspective on the human experience.

As Bengaluru International Airport continues to evolve and expand, it strives to provide passengers with a world-class travel experience while maintaining a deep connection to the city it serves.

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