Amazon CEO Andy Jassy: Return to Office or Risk Job Loss

Amazon’s CEO, Andy Jassy, has taken a firm stance regarding employee office attendance. Jassy has declared that Amazon employees who do not return to the office for a minimum of three days per week could potentially lose their jobs. This is not the first instance of Jassy urging employees to resume in-office work. In early 2023, he issued a similar directive, but it was met with resistance as employees protested, and some even chose to resign instead of returning to the traditional work environment.

In a report by Business Insider, Jassy’s message to Amazon employees is unequivocal: “It’s not going to work out for you.” He emphasizes the importance of the principle “disagree and commit,” stating that those who cannot align with this ethos may not find success at Amazon. Jassy reiterates that the company is transitioning back to an in-office model at least three days per week.

“It’s past the time to disagree and commit,” Jassy affirms. “If you can’t disagree and commit… it’s probably not going to work out for you at Amazon because we are going back to the office at least three days a week,” as reported by Business Insider.

A “Judgement Call” for Employee Return

Jassy acknowledges that the decision to bring all employees back to the office is a complex matter. He expresses his discomfort with the notion that some employees would be returning to the office while others choose not to. According to the report, Jassy views it as unfair for certain employees to refuse in-office work while expecting others to comply.

In February 2023, CEO Andy Jassy had already requested employees to physically return to the office for a minimum of three days per week. He detailed his perspective in an official blog post, asserting that a strong company culture is better fostered when employees collaborate in person and have the opportunity to learn, model, practice, and reinforce the values and practices that define Amazon’s culture.

Amazon’s Job Creation Endeavors in India

Aside from the debate on office attendance, Amazon is making headlines for its ambitious plans in India. During a recent meeting between PM Narendra Modi and Amazon CEO Andy Jassy in the US, Jassy unveiled Amazon’s intentions to create an astonishing 20 lakh (2 million) jobs in India.

The discussions between PM Modi and Jassy revolved around strategies to support Indian startups, enhance employment prospects, stimulate exports, promote digitalization, and empower small businesses to achieve global reach. In the minutes shared from the meeting, Andy Jassy announced a remarkable commitment: a $26 billion investment in India by 2023. Additionally, Amazon aims to digitize 10 million small businesses and enable $20 billion worth of exports.


Amazon CEO Andy Jassy’s call for employees to return to the office or potentially face job loss underscores the ongoing debate on remote versus in-person work dynamics. While the decision to mandate in-office attendance is met with challenges and differences of opinion, Jassy’s emphasis on the values that underpin Amazon’s culture remains clear. Moreover, Amazon’s substantial commitment to job creation and economic growth in India signifies the company’s dedication to fostering positive impact beyond its organizational boundaries.

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